Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wardobe Architect Me!

I can only say Awesome! Independent pattern designers Colette Patterns are running the Wardrobe Architect programme again and I'm pretty sure divine intervention had something to do with it (ok, maybe a teensy weensy bit of co-incidence).

The programme gives me exactly what I need to start my me-made year and I'm really excited to get started. It also gives me something concrete to write about in my blog so - winning!

I've been sewing more and more recently but not really with any sense of pairing in mind. What I mean is, I'll make stuff without necessarily thinking about what I've made before and planning my makes as a big project in itself. That's where the Wardobe Architect comes in!

It's purpose is to encourage the ditching of shop bought purchases in favour of me-made items during the year. This works great for me as I'm currently skint but do have access to a rather brilliant fabric shop near me which sells ridiculously cheap but fabulous fabrics. First obstacle overcome.

I've been thinking about how I'll use this blog and think that my future posts will concentrate on the technical side of the the making and the pages section will offer my reflection on the Wardobe Architect programme. Let's see if that works aye?

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